Marillion's Pete Trewavas: If His Bass Were A Ball...

As with the other members of Marillion, bassist Pete Trewavas is a significantly talented yet understated player who fills a well-defined role. His bass lines are integral parts of the stories that are Marillion songs.

In much the same way that players from Paul McCartney to Sting to Geddy Lee tell stories within stories (or songs within songs) through their melodic bass lines, so too does Trewavas. A player competent in many styles, he knows how to play what a song calls for, whether it’s a melodic walk up and down the neck, a funky groove, or just holding down a simple eighth-note pattern.

His side projects outside of Marillion include playing with Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and Chris Maitland from Porcupine Tree, but Marillion has been his home ever since the band’s inception, and it certainly wouldn’t be what it is with anyone else. We had the pleasure of meeting him at a special album listening party in New York City in March, and an even greater time talking about his role with the band the following week.

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We all had to be on the top of our game at the same time, which is actually quite hard when you’re not that used to doing it [that way].

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