Colin Edwin: Porcupine Tree's Bassist Has a Halo Around His Prog Head

The British progressive rock band, Porcupine Tree, is no stranger to the readers of As one of the preeminent (and Grammy nominated) prog bands in the world, every member of this group is recognized for their outstanding musicianship, and we’ve had the privilege of speaking with many of these guys previously.

Until this past fall, though, we hadn’t had time for a lengthy sit-down with Colin Edwin, the Australian-born bassist who has been an essential part of the band’s sound and style since 1993.

A few hours before the band’s first-ever show at New York City’s famous Radio City Music Hall, we spent some time with Colin trying to sneak into the Rockette’s dressing room… I mean, talking about his playing, his style, his influences, the gear, and that kind of fun stuff, of course.

When you’re doing what you should do, most of the time people don’t really even know what you’re doing.

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