Getting to the Bottom with Bassist John Myung

Throughout the decades, Dream Theater co-founder and bassist extraordinaire, John Myung, has dazzled the musical community with his command of the bass guitar. Playing all forms of the electric bass, and taking six-string bass playing into previously uncharted rock and metal territories, Myung has never been one to demand the spotlight or fan adoration. To see and feel him play the bass on stage, however, is to see a musician achieving that awesome, spiritual connection to the music that escapes so many players who have the chops but haven’t figured out how to play in the moment.

Myung is, of course, worthy of all the praise bestowed upon him, yet he remains the ever-humble servant who plays a critical role in defining the sound of his band. We had a fantastic time talking getting to know more about the man, the myth, and the basses.

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