Rob Giles: The Other Dude From Circa Zero

Rob Giles of The Rescues has a familiar sounding voice, presumably because if you watch popular, prime time, network television shows, there’s a fair chance you’ve heard some music from this American, indie rock band. It was this band’s music that caught the ears of legendary The Police guitarist, Andy Summers, who approached Rob after a show to introduce himself. A few weeks later, Andy called Rob to jam, and thus began Circa Zero.

MPc: Very few singers have had the privilege of being in a band with Andy Summers. What was your initial reaction to Andy wanting to work with you?

RG: Well, the reaction of a total freak out was in relation to his just calling to jam. We didn't know we were going to “be in a band.” I was thrilled and nervous at first, but I knew in order to have any success I had to relax and be cool... becaAndy Summers and Rob Gilesuse, ultimately, I knew we both just wanted or hoped to find a peer, a good travel companion. You know? I knew he didn't want some sycophant or someone to worship him. And I wanted to just write a great song with him. Never imagined we would hit it off like we did and ultimately become what we did, though. I basically said “Ok, I am going to freak out that you are Andy Summers for, like, ten seconds, then we are going to get to work!”

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