News Releases for Guitar

September 28th, 2017 -
TC Electronic releases new harmonizer pedal with MASH
September 25th, 2017 -
Line 6 Updates the AMPLIFi Experience with AMPLIFi Remote 2.6 App
September 12th, 2017 -
Album Review: Revolution Saints, Light In The Dark
September 11th, 2017 -
Album Review: Udi Levy, Addictive Substance
September 11th, 2017 -
Dean Markley Takes Cryogenics to New Level with Blue Steel Instrument and Speaker Cables
September 8th, 2017 -
Wallace Detroit Guitars Lets Customers ‘Build Their Own Guitar’ from Anywhere in the World
August 29th, 2017 -
Album Review: Riverdogs, California
August 18th, 2017 -
Eventide taps H9 Harmonizer Effects Processor, producing unique UltraTap plug-in
August 11th, 2017 -
Universal Audio Releases KORG SDD-3000 Digital Delay Plug-In for UAD and Apollo Platforms
August 8th, 2017 -
PRS Guitars Releases S2 Vernon Reid Signature Vela