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Andy Summers Talks Gear! Gear! Gear!
By Andy Summers
Forward by Scott Kahn




Circa Zero - Circus Hero

We were curious to know about the various gear played on Circus Hero. After all, it’s not every day that Andy Summers makes a new record with a new band. And, he loves effects. What follows are notes straight from the man himself: gear that he’s presently excited about, and gear that he used on the new album, track by track. Thanks, Andy!

AT: Here you go – that’s what we can remember. Basically, I don’t obsess about this stuff, but pick up whatever is at hand. I sit in a room full of gear and guitars and work thru it to find the colors I’m looking for. Here’s a list of current favorites:

Rotobone by Paul Trombetta of San Francisco – this is my current favorite, Fantastic pedal!

Catalinbread Echorec

TC Dark Matter (current TC pedals are extremely good)

ZVEX Lo-fi Junky / Lo-Fi Looper / Box of Metal / Box of Rock / Fuzz Factory

Mad Professor Golden Cello

Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone

Boss VB-2 Vibrato

Klon Centaur (essential pedal)

Digitech Whammy / Vintage Echo Plus

Pigtronix Quantum Chorus

Strymon Ola Chorus

Voodoo Labs Analog Chorus

Eventide H9

Lexicon PCM-70

TC 1210 Chorus

Eventide Eclipse

I could go on there’s a lot more….


Collings 335 – Sarno Solutions Earth Drive – with Strat
Solo = Les Paul  - ZVEX Box of Metal – Pitch Pirate plus Strat via Digitech Whammy Pedal using 8tv and 4ths


Strat – Roland VG using the D Beam + Strat  thru VG 335 setting
Solo = Les Paul  + Original Dunlop Cry Baby + PTS Air Chorus

“The Story Ends Here”

Strat – thru VG  “Solid Hi” – three guitar parts
Bridge = Voodoo Labs Analog Chorus + Catalinbread Echorec

“Say Goodnight”

Strat – EarthQuaker Disaster Transport pedal
SOLO = Love pedal + Compressor  Over 2nd guitar, Line 6 Delay modeler

“Gamma Ray”

1954 Strat thru PCM-70 + manipulated KAOSS PAD
+ Strat directly into board (PTS Control 24)

Chorus = Carr Mercury amp
Solo = Les Paul thru Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone

“Night Time Travelers”

Collings 335 thru Roland VG-99
Gibson SG thru Pro Tools stereo delay plug-in
End section:  
Anonymous cheap acoustic
Martin Terz guitar
Bosendorfer Grand Piano
Roland Fantom Preset = Rotosphere 

“Shoot Out The Stars”

Double tracked Strat – thru Line 6 Echo farm (plug-in)
Solo = Gibson SG thur Klon Centaur, Love Pedal (by Michael Sean)

Empress Effects Superdelay


Gibson SG  - Strymon El Capistan - Fender ’59 Deluxe Amp.

“Summer Lies”

Strat - Roland VG 99 (“Police Clean” preset)
TC Flashback = Triplet delay

Les Paul Jr – Slide parts

Solo = Strat, ProTools reverb

“No Highway”

Two Strats – Roland VG-99 –
Solo = Les Paul - Carr Mercury amp + Love Pedal

“Light The Fuse”

Gibson SG – Klon Centaur,  Mesa Boogie 2:Ninety Power Amp  2 Mesa Rectifier 2 x 12 cabs

Solo = Dunlop Cry baby Wah - Gibson SG, Love Pedal Klon Centaur

“Whenever You Hear The Rain”

Strat – Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne Amp
Solo = Les Paul – Love Pedal, Carr Mercury amp

“Hot Camel”

Strat with Roland synth pickup – into Roland VG-99

SOLO = Strat + Le Intrigué pedal





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