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Welcome to
    I am happy to introduce you to, the serious musician’s musical universe. It took a very talented and dedicated team of people to develop an idea born in the late nineties and transform it into this professionally published online magazine.

When I first started writing and publishing in the music industry, we were living in the eighties. The web didn’t exist and newsletters were the cool new way to publish information when you lacked the resources (or desire) to publish a full-color magazine. Years later, the web became one of society’s most widely used information sharing channels. Today, I can’t imagine a single serious musician without a connection to the Internet.

As musicians came online, numerous web sites sprang up to provide us with all sorts of information, but the number of truly useful sites remained small. Enthusiastic and well-meaning musicians looking to share information with similar-minded players launched hundreds of web sites, but content varied greatly in both quantity and quality and nobody really knew where to find the right web site for their needs. As a result, serious musicians were forced to look elsewhere for their information because finding and using these sites was more frustrating than it was helpful.

Scott Kahn—Editor in Chief,
    For many years, I kept hoping that one day I would find a web site that truly served my interests as a serious guitar player, music producer and engineer, but that day never materialized. While I have found some extremely helpful web sites, they’re often times filled with forum posts written by teenagers engaged in shouting matches and opinionated folks who say, “if it’s not boutique it’s crap and you shouldn’t use it.”

On the other end of the spectrum are web sites hosted by the publishers of print magazines, and these sites left me almost as frustrated as the hobbyist sites. Some sites are extensions of the print publications, offering additional content that couldn’t make it into their printed pages. I applaud this effort as it adds usefulness for subscribers to those publications. But the flip side is that if I don’t have copies of the numerous print publications, the online sites are less than useful.

Spend enough time sifting through the editorial content on these sites and you quickly come to realize the truth behind their existence: convince web site visitors to subscribe to the respective print magazines (where the publishers make money through print advertising).

All of these factors and more led me to conceive, but the demands of a career in technology and a life outside of it in music didn’t allow me enough time to actively develop the idea until now. Amazingly, not much has changed over the years with regard to musician-focused web sites… until now. will provide you with all the quality of a professional magazine targeted at serious musicians, but without the limitations imposed by a print publication where page count is governed by advertising space. And because we are passionate about the quality of our editorial content, you won’t find annoying pop-up ads getting in your way nor ads that show up in the middle of a great interview or product review.

Our content is limited during our initial launch, but every week or two you’ll see new contributions and additions (news releases from manufacturers will be updated daily). Right now, you can take advantage of our forums, and our online chat rooms will enable you to have conversations in real time with other members of our virtual community.

For those of you in established, professional bands (tracked by Billboard or Soundscan), we have private forums where you can talk shop with your peers without excited fans gaining access to your private and personal conversations. After all, even pros have questions about instruments and gear, but it’s not always easy to post something online without receiving hundreds or even thousands of fan mail posts.

We encourage you to visit our forums, and to provide us with feedback on how we’re doing and what you’d like to learn more about. And be sure to tell all the serious musicians you know about us so that we can rapidly build a community of like-minded musicians and engineers.

Thanks for taking the time to visit We’re looking forward to building an online magazine and community that really addresses the needs of serious musicians in ways that are still yet to be realized.


Scott Kahn—Editor in Chief,
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