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Stomp Boxes

Effect pedals have achieved an incredible level of popularity with guitar players of all abilities and styles. Even those of us who once shook our heads at the very idea of using stomp boxes with our boutique gear – let’s call ourselves rack snobs – have slowly come to embrace those cute metal boxes. Sound quality tends to be top-rate in most modern pedal offerings, and true bypass capabilities leave our tone in tact from end to end if we need things that way. Also, pedals are a heck of a lot simpler to “program” than our rack gear.

We’re talking a lot about pedals these days at, and will be reviewing a wide range of pedal offerings – from mass produced to boutique, in order to find the tone shapers you’ll feel good about using in your pro guitar and bass rigs. We’re even talking with the pedal designers themselves, and will be sharing some great interviews with these “artist engineers” soon.

Don’t despair if you’re a rack snob – we have more detailed product coverage coming up for you, too. Pro level guitarists rarely have a simple one amp/one pedal setup, you know.

And as for the rest of you… our drum coverage continues to expand, and we have a few new writers joining the team that should really get our coverage in the bass and drums areas fired up.

We’re getting set to launch additional tutorials and columns, too.

Help Us Out!

Building a community is a slow process. We have a lot of readers – over 25,000 of you each month now (which is great for a seven month old publication), but very few active participants in our online forums. Getting forums populated is the biggest challenge we face. If you regularly contribute to other online forums and are tired of sifting through lots of irrelevant postings and off-topic remarks, please take some time to start posting content in the forums.

Once additional people start contributing, you’ll find that our focus on serious musicians will result in a community filled with lots of great content and very little immature ramblings and off-topic posts. And while things are still in the growth stage, you’ll have a particularly great opportunity to get replies back from our team of editors and contributors – all respected pros in their areas of expertise.

Scott Kahn—Editor in Chief,

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