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The NAMM Show 2017
Another year of gear lust and envy, as our editorial team tackles the greatest show on Earth to bring you the latest gear news.


Hot Sake!
Totally Wycked Audio has an excellent overdrive/distortion pedal for those of you looking to add something special to your tone vault.

Hot Fuzz!
Need a little less gain than an overdrive/distortion pedal provides? Need a little more fuzz in your heavy tone? Vintage drive is yours for the taking in this fantastic pedal from BAE.

Mezzabarba Mzero Overdrive
From classic hard rock to modern high gain, Mzero packs massive boutique punch.

Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3
When you're unwilling to compromise tone and functionality, you can't go wrong with the fantastic Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3. Truly one of the greatest high-gain amps ever built.


Trace Elliot Transit B Preamp/DI Pedal
Classic Trace Elliot tone delivered in a fabulous floor box, complete with essential effects and DI features.

Fender American Professional Series
Torn between a Jazz Bass and a Precision Bass? Not sure how they differ? Check out these two rock-solid choices from Fender.

Serious about the Peavey Cirrus!
We were excited last year when Peavey announced the impending return of their flagship bass line, Cirrus. Was it worth the wait?


UVI Urban Suite
Need some classic drum machine beats and analog bass grooves? Check out the Urban Suite collection from UVI for something... retro fresh!

Radikal Technologies Accelerator
Odds are good that you didn't even know this virtual analog polysynth existed. What can this producers' secret weapon do for you?

StudioLogic SL88 Grand & SL88 Studio
If you've been searching for a MIDI controller that works with your racks full of MIDI sound modules as well as your computer-based soft synths, these just might be the controller keyboards for you.


Craviotto Butternut Snare Drum
Boutique build. Boutique sound. Solid shell. Butternut wood. Check out this beautiful snare from the master craftsmen at Craviotto.

Yamaha Recording Custom
The legend is back! Did Yamaha and drummer Steve Gadd manage to improve upon this timeless, classic kit?

Tama Starclassic BB Hyper-Drive
Solid performing pro drums with Tama's latest innovations, at a price that is just right for the working musician.

Zildjian Travis Barker Double Mallet
Blink and you just might miss these hard rocking stalks of hickory that double as both mallets and sticks.


USB & ThunderBolt Audio Interfaces
Looking to update your studio with a new interface and preamps? We went head-to-head with three of the latest and greatest: PreSonus Studio 192, MOTU 1248, and the Antelope Orion Studio.

Warm Audio WA-2A Optical Tube Compressor
Warm Audio created a replica of the legendary LA-2A compressor. Is it just as good? Almost as good? Even better than the original?

PreSonus DigiMax DP88 8-Channel
A/D/A Converter with Remote Preamps

Great sounding and easy way to add a bank of eight digitallly controlled preamps to your studio and/or audio interface.

Live Sound

Etymotic Research
High-Fidelity Earplugs

Finally, earplugs that protect your hearing without killing the quality of the sound!

Listening To and Reading

Latest CDs and DVDs
New CDs and DVDs from Fire Garden, Kansas, Kee Marcello, Marillion, The Mission, The Neal Morse Band, My World, Operation: Mindcrime, Ted Poley, Paul Simon, Toto, Devin Townsend Project, John Wesley, Withem.

Check this space every week for additions!

The Not So Distant Past...


Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar
Who would have thought that the legendary alternative rock guitarist from The Smiths would create a signature guitar that significantly improves upon the original?

D'Angelico EX-SS Archtop Guitar
The classic jazz guitar company from New York City is back, and the EX-SS is a beautiful hollow-body guitar that can hang at your jazz gig... or your rock gig.


Tech 21 VT Bass 500 Amp
Tech 21's first compact amp built around a class-D amplifier sounds fantastic and carries a ridiculously low price tag. What's not to love?

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Tech 21 takes their industry standard DI and improves it for use with five- and six-string basses.

NS Design WAV4 RADIUS Bass
If you need a modern, versatile bass with tons of style, tone, and feel, which also presents a solid value, you must check out this fantastic instrument!


Moog Mother-32
This semi-modular analog synth from Moog sounds great, is fun to use, and is priced for anyone. Who says your mother isn't hot stuff?

Akai Pro Advance 61
We are extremey picky about our choice of MIDI keyboard controllers, so it was an absolute treat getting to know this pro-grade controller and its accompanying VIP software.


Tama BB156 Bell Brass Snare Drum
This monster of a snare drum sounds just as special as it looks. Does it belong in your drum kit?


Zaor Yesk Music Production Desk
We all need a place to set up our music production workstations, and the Yesk Desk offers a stylish and functional piece of furtniture for your project studio.

Celemony Melodyne 4
One of the leading pitch correction and time correction audio tools gets even better!

Live Sound

Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Microphone
The first revolutionary design change to a handheld microphone in nearly 100 years yields awesome results on stage and in the studio!

Shure Beta 87a & 87c Microphones
Two microphones, nearly identical, but with very different results. Which one will benefit your vocalist?


IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo
New, premium mobile audio interface serves double duty on your laptop, too!

Listening To and Reading

Latest CD and Book Reviews
Great new musical releases from Susan Hyatt, Late Night Cable, Dan Reed Network, Roxette, Jorn, MGT, Karmakanic, engineering book by Sylvia Massy.













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