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Bass Amplifier Reviews


- Carvin BX 1200 Bass Amplifier
- EBS HD360 Bass Amp
- Eden World Tour WT400S
- Fender Rumble 500 and Rumble 210 Extension Cabinet
- Genz Benz GBE1200 Bass Amp
- Mesa/Boogie Big Block Titan V12
- Mesa/Boogie M6 Carbine
- Phil Jones Briefcase Amp
- Phil Jones Double Four Personal Micro Bass Amp BG75
- TC Electronic RH450 amp
- TC Electronic BH800 and K-Cabinets
- Tech 21 VT Bass 1969 Amp
- Tech 21 VT Bass 500 Amp
- Two Note Torpedo VM-202 Tube Amp, Speaker, & Mic Modeler

Preamp Pedals and DI Boxes

- Eden Glowplug
- Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI v2
- Trace Elliot Transit B Bass Preamp/DI




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