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Guitar Rack Gear Reviews

Rack Effects Processors & Guitar Synth

- BOSS GT-Pro Guitar Effects Processor
- Rocktron HUSH Ultra Noise Reduction
- Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter
- TC Electronic G-Force and G-Major Multi-FX Processors
- TC Electronic G-Major 2 Multi-FX Processor
- TC Electronic G-System Multi-FX Processor

Switching and Loop Systems

- BOSS ES-8 Effects Switching System
- Decibel Eleven Pedal Palette Audio Looper
- Radial Engineering JX44 Guitar & Amp Distribution
- RJM Music Technology Mini Amp Gizmo
- RJM Music Technology Mini Effect Gizmo
- RJM Music Technology Mastermind PBC
Audio Loop Switcher

- RJM Music Technology RG-16 Audio Loop and Function Switcher
- RJM Rack Gizmo Audio Loop and Function Switcher
- Rocktron PatchMate Loop 8 Floor looper & switcher
- TC Electronic G-System Multi-FX Processor

Rack Accessories

- Furman AC-215A Compact Power Conditioner
- Furman P-1800 PF R Power Conditioner
- Furman PL-PLUS C and PL-PRO DMC Power Conditioners
- Korg Pitchblack Pro Rack Tuner
- Peterson VS-R StroboRack Tuner
- RJM Music Technology Mini Line Mixer
- SKB Rack Shelf 1SKB-VS1

MIDI Foot Controllers

- Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller
- RJM Technologies Mastermind GT Foot Controller
- Rocktron MIDI Mate Foot Controller
- Roland FC-200 MIDI Foot Controller

- Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI Foot Controller


Rack hardware and cases can be found in the general guitar accessories area.




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