Tech 21 Introduces Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp YYZ Pedal

Tech 21 Again Partners with Geddy Lee for Signature SansAmp YYZPedal

Wanting to streamline and simplify his gear for new projects, Geddy Lee partnered with Tech 21 to design a signature rack-mount SansAmp, the GED-2112. This challenging collaboration involved distilling a boatload of equipment into a single rackspace. Stepping up to yet another challenge, Tech 21 further distilled the rackmount into a super-compact, portable pedal format. The SansAmp YYZ offers Geddy’s core sound and the versatility for many different styles.

Features include all-analog SansAmp technology to record directly and enhance previously recorded tracks. For live performances, the SansAmp YYZ can drive a power amp and speakers, augment an existing amplifier set-up, or run directly into the mixer of a PA system. A Mix control blends the ratio of high-end studio clean and dirty bass tube amp tones. The Tight button adds definition to notes in cleaner settings and make distorted tones snappier. Other features include a Drive control, active 3-band EQ and Master Volume. Operable with 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply.

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