Dan Vadim Von from Morbid Angel Joins Solar Guitars with 2 New Signature Guitars

Dan Vadim Von with the Blood Red V1.6DVV (left) and Slime Green A1.7DVV (right) models from Solar Guitars. Photo Credit: Ellery Locklear

Dan Vadim Von first began his work with Morbid Angel in early 2000's as the band's artist and designer, a creative relationship which soon took a strong turn toward music. His own entity Vadim Von supported the metal legends during the "Illud US" and "Covenant 20th Anniversary" touring cycles. Based on his phenomenal guitar performance, commanding presence and strong artistic ethic, Dan was selected by Morbid Angel's founder Trey Azagthoth to comprise the other half of the band's respected and revered guitar duo.

Dan's guitar playing comes straight from the heart and pours out as some of the most inspired and complex wizardry, complete with his signature whirlwind-like solos and unbelievable rhythmic control. The production models of the six string Blood Red V1.6DVV and the seven string Slime Green A1.7DVV are the exact guitars that are used by Dan in Morbid Angel down to every spec and feature the highest quality of components. Extremely styled and versatile, these incredible instruments are designed to provide a touch of cult magic that is Morbid Angel.

As per Daniel’s own words: ”Hard to describe the feeling of finally handling the very special instruments that took so much thought and effort to bring into existence. My hat is off to Solar Guitars for meeting every detail required for me to deliver my best"



A1.7DVV: 1399 €/USD

Features: Alder body · Satin maple neck ·Ebony fingerboard · Stainless Steel frets · Locking tuners · Floyd Rose 1000 trem · DiMarzio Blaze pickups · Slime Green metallic finish.

V1.6DVV: 1299 €/USD

Features: Mahogany body · Satin maple neck ·Ebony fingerboard · Stainless Steel frets · Locking tuners · Floyd Rose 1000 trem · DiMarzio Air Norton neck / Paf Pro bridge pu’s · Blood red metallic finish

The Solar A1.7DVV and V1.6DVV will become available from upon April 2019, through Solar Guitars web-store: www.solar-guitars.com, and selected dealers.

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