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Advertising, Reprints, & Professional Services


Advertising offers a variety of options designed to meet your business objectives and financial requirements for online advertising.

Not only do you have (limited/restricted) choices for ad placement and size, but you get to choose the method of advertising that makes more sense to you – traditional, inexpensive, impression-based advertising, or something even better... guaranteed click-through advertising!

Review Reprints

Need print copies of our product reviews? Our designers create traditional print layouts for you that are similar in style to print publications. These look better than simply printing web pages.

Professional Services offers a variety of professional services that may be of great interest to smaller manufacturers and boutique operations:

Alpha/Beta Test Reports: Similar to our product reviews, but for your eyes only, before you've got a finished product ready for a traditional product review.

Audio Demos: Serious musicians are often suspicious of manufacturer-supplied audio demos. We'll give you official samples for your web site. Consider us the independent auditors of online product demos!

Product Photography: We have full-service photo studios for shooting gear that we review and a lot more. Contact us for your new product photography requirements.


Live Links Program

Have URLs in your published product reviews link back to your website or other target destinations.

Click here for program details (PDF)


Current News Releases

Please see our News section for regularly updated industry press releases...

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