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Winter NAMM 2010 Special Report
This year's pilgrimage to the holy land showered us with the most precious gifts — new music gear!
Forward By: Scott Kahn

NAMM Show 2010


With such a bad global economy, we weren’t sure what to expect from this year’s show. But as it turns out, attendance was actually up two percent from last year, with final registration numbers over 87,000! For a show that’s not even open to the public, this is a huge number! And it’s a positive indicator that the music industry is ready to move forward in 2010.

We can all do our part to help the industry along by purchasing great new gear. The prices have never been better! At least that’s what I tell my wife.

You’ve heard us say before just what a huge event this show is. Even with a few large companies scaling back the size of their exhibit space and the absence of a few key concert events, the show still occupied 99% of the Anaheim Convention Center, the largest exhibit space on the West coast, plus the usual enormous Yamaha exhibit that occupies the Marriot hotel’s event space adjacent to the convention center.

If you’re like us (gear obsessed musicians), then you’ve probably received twenty emails from other magazines offering a glimpse of “hot new stuff” from Winter NAMM, but as you may or may not know, those are typically just advertising messages paid for by the companies who appear in those emails!

Within the pages of our NAMM Show Report, though, none of the editorial content has been paid for — this is our personal report, compiled from the travels of this year’s five-person editorial team. Yes, you will see some ads related to our report in here, but these are truly the items that our editorial team took notice of at the show. If we talk about something in this report, we really think it was cool stuff that our audience will want to check out in 2010.

 Slideshow from our NAMM trip. For the actual report, though, check out the links below.

What’s hot, and what’s not?
As always, guitar and bass products dominate NAMM, because they dominate the industry. Did you know that guitar products outsell every other musical instrument category by two to one? In case you’re wondering, drums come next, followed by microphones, computer music products, amplifiers, electronic musical instruments, and signal processing equipment.

So let's check out the new gear!

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