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Winter NAMM 2014 Special Report
We cut through the hype to separate the revolutionary from the evolutionary.

Forward By: Scott Kahn


The 2014 Winter NAMM Show

It was the best of NAMMs, it was the worst of NAMMs. This year’s trip to the holy land (Anaheim, California) fell in the middle from a gear perspective, though the industry was in a genuinely upbeat mood as the US economy has continued its recovery. In fact, sales of guitars in the over-$1,000 category have grown nearly ten percent from a year ago, which is of course music to our ears.

But on the excitement scale, this was another evolutionary year, as opposed to revolutionary. There were tons of new instruments and input devices, but overall, this show was primarily more of the same familiar stuff getting refined, polished, and improved upon. That said, we still want to buy a ton of it for ourselves.

The NAMM report features the products we found most interesting to our serious musician audience after sitting with our thoughts and recollections over the past month. Now that the hype has died down and faded, and our European readers look to the Musikmesse 2014 show in Germany, these are the things that stuck with us. Check them out.

In-Depth Reports:

Guitar and Bass
Recording & Live Sound


Video featuring the song, "Crispy," from the phenominal album, Visions, by guitar guru Prashant Aswani, and the song, "Metal Detector," by keyboard virtuoso Alex Argento, found on his solo CD, Ego. Both albums belong in your collection if you don't already know these two incredible talents. And if you're wondering about the fantastic guitar work on Argento's tune, Marco Sfogli is the guitarist on that release.




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