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Winter NAMM 2015 Special Report
A look at some of the products that grabbed our attention at the world's greatest toy show.
Err, we mean music gear event!

Reporting By: Scott Kahn, Derek Davodowich, Jason Buchwald, Bruce Sokolovic


The 2014 Winter NAMM Show writer Bruce Sokolovic discovers the Marshall Wall during his
first trip to the promised land. Do you recall your first photo at the wall?

The 2015 Winter NAMM Show came and went, and as usual, we’ve let the dust settle before reflecting on the items that left a lasting impression on us. It’s always interesting comparing the NAMM feature stories from different magazines, not only to see what we all liked in common, but particularly to see the different things that resonated with us.

Jimmy Keegan, renowned drummer from the progressive rock band, Spock’s Beard, made the following observation about this year’s NAMM Show. We couldn’t say it any better than this:

“Once more I'm reminded of the wonderful spirit of musicians. After spending a couple days wandering around the NAMM, I witnessed people from all walks of life enjoying a busy, crowded, noisy convention center. All races, colors, creeds, nationalities and any other word you can think of to separate us were represented. And you know what us crazy musicians did? We got along just fine! In fact, we thrived on it. It's necessary!

But wait. Were there freaks and weirdoes and nuts and people in funny makeup? Hell yeah! Again, these are just words to try to separate us. We are musicians, artists, lovers of life, and all the beauty it has to offer. Not every musician loves all types of music, but every musician recognizes the need for all types of music.

At one point I had to step aside because I was literally brought to tears at the great diversity on display before me. So, thank you to all my fellow musicians for making the world a better place and showing, by example, how the whole world could and should be. I didn't choose music… music chose me!”

With that said, check out our top picks from the 2015 Winter NAMM Show. And if you haven’t listened to Spock’s Beard before, you should. Check them out here.

In-Depth Reports (i.e. the cool gear details):

Keyboards Recording & Live Sound

And be sure to watch the cool NAMM video below!

Video featuring the song, "Distant Sun (Light it Up)," from Beyond Tomorrow.





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