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Drummer Feature Stories
Publication Date Artist Genre
July 2015 A Minute With the Minnemann: Marco Minnemann Fusion, Prog
June 2015 Gavin Harrison: Cheating the Laws of Drumming Physics Prog Rock
December 2013 Brian Tichy: Rock n' Roll All Night Rock, Metal
June 2012 Chad Wackerman: You Can't Do That on Drums Anymore Jazz/Fusion
August 2011 Nick D'Virgilio: Spock and Cirqumstance Rock, Pop, Prog
February 2009 Simon Collins Rock, Prog, Pop
July 2007 Steve Smith Drums Up Some Vital Information Jazz/Fusion
July 2007 Porcupine Tree's Gavin Harrison: Rhythmic Illusionist Prog Rock
June 2007 Mike Portnoy: Carpe Diem Prog Metal
April 2007
Marillion's Ian Mosley: These Drums
Prog Rock
March 2006
Ten Minutes with Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy
Prog Metal
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