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Guitar Players
Publication Date Artist Genre
January 2017 Marillion's Steve Rothery Progressive Rock
April 2016 The Astonishing John Petrucci Progressive Rock
February 2016 Jane Getter's Got it Going ON! Jazz Fusion
January 2016 Alan Morse (Spock's Beard) Progressive Rock
July 2015 Ryan Peake: Nickelback's Guitar Quarterback Hard Rock
October 2014 Paul Gilbert: Humble Shredder Pushes Stones Uphill Instrumental Rock
June 2014 Andy Summers: Guitar Hero Rock
September 2013 Marco Sfogli: Truly Remarcoble Instrumental Rock/Fusion
June 2013 Orianthi: Guitar Love Rock/Blues/Pop
May 2013 Paul Gilbert Interviews Andy Timmons Instrumental Rock
January 2013 Prashant Aswani: Shredder of Epic Proportions Instrumental Rock
October 2012 Trevor Rabin: Soundtracks, Jacaranda, and, oh, Yes... Instrumental Rock
April 2012 Joel Hoekstra: From Broadway to the Arena Hard Rock
October 2011 John Petrucci: This is the Interview Prog Metal
June 2011 Neal Morse: The Interview Blew Them All Away Progressive Rock
November 2010 Zoltan Bathory — Five Finger Death Punch Metal
October 2010 Steve Morse Fusion, Rock, Acoustic
July 2010 Gus G. — Ozzy Osbourne's Screamin' New Shredder Metal
April 2010 Warren DeMartini: Dangerous But Worth The Interview Metal, Hard Rock
October 2009 Dweezil Zappa: Guitars, Gear, and Learning to Play the Most Eccentric Music in Rock Progressive Rock
April 2009 Steve Rothery: Asylum Interview #1 Progressive Rock
April 2009 Yngwie Malmsteen: How Swede it is! Instrumental Metal, Neo-classical Rock
December 2008 Tony MacAlpine: Playing Like a Demon Instrumental Rock/Fusion
June 2008 The Guitar Wizardry of Oz Noy Jazz/Fusion
April 2008
Steve Stevens: Killer Tone and Style on Memory Crash
Instrumental Rock
January 2008 Richard Kruspe: Emigrate Alt/Metal
July 2007
Steven Wilson: Fear of a Blank Interview
Progressive Rock
June 2007
John Petrucci: The “Too Many Guitars” Interview
Progressive Metal
April 2007
Steve Rothery: Marillion's King of Guitar Town
Progressive Rock
December 2006 John Norum: Europe Hard Rock
October 2006 Robin Trower: Crossing the Bridge of Sighs Blues
August 2006 Eric Johnson: In Full Bloom Instrumental Rock
June 2006 Surfing With Satch: The Joe Satriani Interview Instrumental Rock
May 2006 Andy Timmons: Dangerously Talented Instrumental Rock
March 2006
An Evening With Dream Theaterís John Petrucci
Progressive Metal

Bass Players
Publication Date Artist Genre
January 2016 Dave Meros (Spock's Beard) Progressive Rock
June 2014 Rob Giles: Bass and more with Circa Zero Rock/Pop
January 2014 John Myung — Dream Theater Progressive Metal
March 2012 Chris Squire — Yes, an Interview. Progressive Rock
December 2010 Colin Edwin — Porcupine Tree Progressive Rock
March 2010
Will Lee: The World's Most Dangerous Bass Player
Jazz & Pop/Rock
April 2007
Marillion's Pete Trewavas: If His Bass Were A Ball...
Progressive Rock

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