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Bass Guitars

- Carvin Brian Bromberg B25 5-String
- Carvin PB5 5-String
- Carvin SB5000 5-String
- Cort Jeff Berlin "The Rithimic" Bass
- Fender American Professional Series Jazz V and Precision 4
- Fender American Standard Dimension IV HH
- Hofner 500/2 Club Fretless Bass Guitar
- Human Base USA BaseX.oc4

- Ibanez GWB35FD Gary Willis Signature Bass
- Ibanez Prestige SR4005E and SR5005E
- Ibanez SR1405TE Premium
- LightWave Saber SL Freted and VL Fretless
- LightWave Saber SL Hybrid
- Line 6 Variax Bass 700

- NS Design CR5 RADIUS 5-string
- NS Design WAV4 RADIUS 4-string

- Peavey Cirrus 4 (Red Oak)


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