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IK Multimedia iKlip for iPad and iPad 2
Review by:Scott Kahn and Tony Grund


3 Stars

iKlip for iPad and iPad 2


iPads are already showing up for orchestral rehearsals and live rock shows for good reason: it’s a great device for reading sheet music, song lyrics, and of course running thousands of available audio applications ranging from virtual instruments to MIDI controllers to DJ functions and much more.

The iKlip makes it easy to attach your iPad securely to any available microphone or sheet music stand, and we were up and running with it after only one minute assembling the hard plastic device. The device includes snap-in plastic inserts that adapt it for use with the slightly smaller form factor of the iPad 2.

For working with a desktop application like a DJ interface or virtual instrument, attaching to a short mic stand like those used for miking drum floor toms or speaker cabinets worked great for tabletop use, whereas attaching to a typical mic stand was great for running applications used while performing.

The iKlip is open at one end so you can slide your iPad in and out of the device, and the open design stays out of the way of your cables and accessories attached to the iPad. The iKlip has a toothed pivot point to adjust your iPad’s viewing angle without any risk of slippage.

Our only problem with the iKlip — a design flaw that limits the product’s usefulness for some musicians, is that you can’t easily rotate it from horizontal to vertical orientation. Changing the orientation requires removing the iKlip from your stand and using a screwdriver to disassemble the mount from the iPad “klip,” then rotating the connection point 90 degrees.

If you rely upon a variety of apps that work with different specific orientations — such as multiple IK Multimedia applications like AmpliTube for iPad (horizontal) and VocaLive (vertical), this design flaw may be reason enough to seek alternative products. But if you primarily use one or more apps with the same orientation, at only $40, the iKlip is a no-brainer purchase.

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iKlip: MSRP $39.95

IK Multimedia

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