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Racks 101: Examples


From the biggest pros to regular, serious musicians and readers, rack gear is used everywhere you look. Below, we've compiled an assortment of images to give you an idea of how various guitarists have implemented rack systems.We haven't identified every object in each rack, but have included some comments to give you an idea of what products are being used. If you hang out in various popular Internet forums, you may even recognize some of your friends' rigs. Thanks to everyone for use of the rig photos!

Rack courtesy of Chuck Gray

Want to upgrade your effects and get some rack goodness in your tone? A small rack is all you need, like Chuck Gray's compact rig with a Furman power conditioner and a TC Electronic G-Major. Notice he left extra space in the bottom to stash the cables when not in use.

Plug your amp into the rear of your power conditioner for best results.

Rack courtesy of John Petrucci. Photo by Scott Kahn.

Was Chuck's rack too small for your taste?

John Petrucci from Dream Theater has a few different rigs. This one, last seen on the G3 tour in 2007, has a pair of Mesa/Boogie Mark IV heads, the classic TC Electronic 2290 delay (and a TC electronic studio reverb unit), an Eventide harmonizer, and a tray full of pedals (among other goodies). Don't try to lift this rack by yourself!

Rack courtesy of Scott Kahn

Scott Kahn's SKB shock rack is loaded with an ENGL e580 preamp and 580/100 power amp, Shure SLX wireless unit, Furman line conditioner, RJM Music Technology RG-16 pedal looper, and a TC Electronic G-System, which provides effects and controls everything.

A few pedals are hidden behind the blank rack panel in the middle of the rack.

Rack courtesy of Phil Phil's rack is just used for effects. He's got a classic Lexicon MPX, a new TC Electronic G-Major 2, and the RJM Music Technology RG-16 to provide pedal audio loops and to control the channel switching on his Custom Audio Amplifiers head.
Rack courtesy of John Ou John Ou has a few of the classic Line 6 rack effects, a Rane line mixer for running a wet/dry/wet rig, and a Voodoo Lab GCX for some pedals.
Rack courtesy of Dave Frattaroli Dave Frattaroli's rack contains an Egnator preamp, VHT power amp, and a Mesa/Boogie Lone Star head! Power from Furman and effects from TC Electronic.
Rack courtesy of Monk.

Get your pedals off the floor and into a rack. Pull-out shelves make it easy to tweak your settings, and pedal loopers eliminate the dreaded tap dance routine.

Monk's effects rig also incorporates gear from Lexicon and TC Electronic, and his Custom Audio Amplifiers head sits on top.

If your rack is too heavy, feel free to split it up into a few more manageable cases. That Mesa/Boogie Strategy power amp on the bottom is heavy!

Everyone places their line conditioner at the top of their rack.

Rack courtesy of Cliff C. Nice and compact! Cliff C. uses the Fractal Audio Axe-FX for modeled amp tone and effects, and a VHT power amp for that big tube sound. A Korg Toneworks tuner and Furman power complete the rig. Just stick this on top of your 2x12 or 4x12 and you're ready to rock!
Doug Bell's compact all-tube rack features some classic gear that sounds great!
Rack courtesy of Max-Michael Mayer
A Voodoo Lab GC-X provides the audio loops for Max-Michael Mayer's pedal collection, seen on the pull-out shelf.
Rack courtesy of Derek Davodowich.

Derek Davodowich's custom case features plenty of gear we've seen in other rigs. His pedals are tucked away in a drawer instead of on a shelf.

There is plenty of storage underneath the Road King II head for things like spare tubes, cables, tools, and more.

Rack courtesy of Tramp. Another compact rig, Tramp gets a big stereo sound from his Mesa/Boogie Triaxis preamp and 20/20 power amp, TC Electronics G-Force effects processor. He roams the stage freely with a Sennheiser wireless system.
Rack courtesy of Derek Davodowich

This compact rack has a classic Lexicon MPX-G2 and Eventide GTR 4000 harmonizer, Shure SLX wireless, and a Furman line conditioner.

There's room for at least one more toy at the bottom!

Rack courtesy of Eivind-Andrè Storesund Eivind-Andrè Storesund has a compact rack that he uses for effects — both rack gear (TC Electronic G-Major) and pedals, isolated by another GCX looper.



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