Work for!

Working for on a part-time basis can provide great exposure for professional musicians and other creative professionals. There are numerous benefits that come from being affiliated with the Internet's premiere online magazine for serious musicians such as discounts on music gear (sometimes even free), publicity for your band or session work, access to industry events and concerts, and more.


We're looking for a few freelance writers to join our team. You need to have some professional credentials either as a musical artist, working pro, or audio engineer (with solid writing skills), or as a professional writer in the fields of music, music education, technology, or a related discipline.

Areas covered may include: drums and percussion, guitars and bass, keyboards/synths, drum machines and rhythm/groove boxes, pro audio recording, live sound, and more.

We also also looking for writers to assist us with product reviews.

College Internships

We're now offering a few internship opportunities for college students in Communications, Media Arts, or Journalism fields. These may provide college credit. If you're interested in writing, graphic design, and music, we'd love to hear from you.

Social Media - has a very active "social" life! If you are interested in social media marketing, this is the place for you.

To Apply...

We don't need to read lengthy resumes, so please just drop us a line telling us about your experience as a musician, as a writer, or as a designer. If you do have a resume, try to keep it to two pages or less. If you have published works online, send us a link to check out some of your writing, or email us some writing samples in a PDF.

Please send your information to us at