Prog/Space Rock Revivalists HEDERSLEBEN Launch Their Newest Album ORBIT On May 19

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Prog/Space Rock Revivalists HEDERSLEBEN Launch Their Newest Album ORBIT On May 19
Los Angeles, CA - The new album from San Francisco-based collective Hedersleben is set to arrive on May 19 via Purple Pyramid Records. The band’s fourth studio album, Orbit, imagines a great elliptical orbit around the sun from the outer reaches of the Kuiper belt, plunging into the inner solar system past mother Earth then around the sun to sling-shot back to the darkness. One orbit. The songs are rooted along the path of this orbit, from “Distant Sun” and “Apogee” in the cold dark region to “Judas Star” and “Perigee” as we accelerate towards the center of the system. Other songs like “Hedersleben (Dreamstate),” reminisce about Earth or philosophize over being, at last, a space faring species, (“Walk Above The Clouds”). “Be There” uses faith in orbital mechanics as an allegory for a relationship.
Each Hedersleben album has featured a new singer. Vocals are often subservient to the more instrumental focused music of Hedersleben. Orbit features Alicia Previn, daughter of the world famous conductor Andre Previn and original Source Family member, who takes the mic in addition to adding violin. The new powerhouse rhythm section of Doc Millar and John Darren Thomas has upped the ante. Returning from playing keyboards on Hedersleben’s third album The Fall Of Chronopolis Jai Young Kim, plays a pivotal role in the new line-up both on keys and as a writer. Rounding off the quintet is founding member Nicky Garratt (of UK Subs) on guitar.  
Previous efforts from Hedersleben have have garnered serious attention due to multiple successful tours with Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner as well as vociferous support from KCRW DJ and all around musical raconteur Henry Rollins. Hedersleben tracks, including a track from Orbit, have been featured in the upcoming action/heist movie Diamond Cartel (starring Armand Assante & Bolo Yeung) and dark thriller The Devil’s Domain starring Michael Madsen.
Orbit will be available on gatefold vinyl and deluxe digipak CD.
Track List:
1. Judas Star
2. Walk Above The Clouds
3. Distant Sun
4. History Of Light
5. Apogee
6. Hedersleben (Dreamstate)
7. Rarefied Air
8. Be There
9. Perigee

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