The ALL NEW Reformer Pro

Edinburgh, Scotland - Krotos Audio, the company behind the innovative Dehumaniser, Reformer and Weaponiser product range, are pleased to announce the new and improved Reformer Pro – further unleashing audio professionals from the shackles of their mouse and keyboard, allowing them to design, automate and perform any sound effect in real-time, like never before.

In addition to a variety of significant new features and improvements, Reformer Pro now utilizes the world’s first Dynamic Input technology, taking procedural, sample-based audio processing to new heights and into a previously unexplored territory.

Watch this video to see how Reformer Pro can transform your sound design for game audio, post-production and music.

Overview of Reformer Pro

After launching in October 2017, the first version of Reformer Pro offered users up to four sound libraries, an intuitive, tactile X/Y pad and customized response times for each source, tweaking playback speed and volumes to taste.

Krotos founder Orfeas Boteas comments: “Reformer Pro uses artificial intelligence and advanced signal analysis to allow you to perform sound effects with your voice or any other audio input. The software profiles the input sound in real-time, and then drawing from a palette of user-selected library sounds, uses that profile to sculpt a new sound effect. With this latest update, we are very excited to be unveiling the world’s first Dynamic Input technology, offering users a whole new way of interacting with their libraries, enabling them to perform them like instruments using the UI, automation, or MIDI.”

Colin Anderson, Managing Director for Denki believes that “What Krotos have achieved with Reformer Pro is easily the most exciting step forward in interactive sound design I’ve seen since the 90’s.”

Although Reformer Pro’s innovative Analysis Tool lets users analyse their own sound libraries, Krotos has also released a growing collection of custom sound effects libraries, partnering with the likes of BOOM Library and SoundBitsto make over 100 libraries categorised into Animals, Electronic, Foley, Mechanical, Sound Design and Bundle options. BOOM creative director Axel Rohrbach said, “Reformer Pro is a very inspiring and fun way to use sound libraries. It easily and smoothly blends audio material.”

The latest update to Reformer Pro takes a giant leap into the future, allowing users to perform and shape sound like never before.

What’s new in the latest Reformer Pro?

  • The World’s First Dynamic Input – create dynamic sound design without an audio input, use automation or midi to control your libraries, trigger transients directly, based on frequency via velocity-sensitive midi input, switch between an audio input and Dynamic Input for different ways of interacting with your own libraries, add variation quickly and easily, create constantly evolving sounds using ‘continuous mode’ (perfect for environmental effects or electronic textures) and combine with Extended Library View for a comprehensive range of results from a single library.
  • Extended Library View - refinement of the results you hear from any library, precise control over each voice’s selection, and sample previewing and muting.
  • Transient Engine - perform impacts and drum hits with a live audio input in real-time or any audio file in your DAW, add extra definition, layer multiple transients using two or more voices, trigger based on amplitude threshold and response, mix between transient and ‘classic’ Reformer Pro engines, tightly control transient playback using attack and release, and use the Extended Library View to select/deselect transient material from a library.
  • Library Expansion – new ‘Electronics Bundle’ and ‘Water Bundle’ available to purchase via our Reformer Library Bundles page.
  • Significant improvements in workflow and audio processing quality.

User Comments

  • Paula Fairfield - Sound Designer (Game Of Thrones)
    • “Reformer is Insanely awesome”
  • David Farmer - Sound Designer (Lord Of The Rings, King Kong, and Ant-Man)
    • “Reformer is a brand-new approach and a very creatively inspired tool. It’s an inspiration maker”
  • Paul Lipson - Audio Director (Halo and Call Of Duty)
    • “Reformer could as easily be called a “Revelation” to me. A brilliant step into a new workflow”
  • Bryan Celano - Supervising Sound Designer (Dead Space, Final Fantasy, Gears of War and Metal Gear Solid)
    • “From the second I first spoke into the mic and heard the output from Reformer, I was very excited. It’s an awesome new way to work with sound effects libraries.”

Trials, Downloads, and Purchasing

A free 10-day trial license (iLok-based) for Reformer Pro can be obtained HERE along with links to purchase full licenses (iLok-based), online manuals, demos and tutorial videos.

Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of Reformer Pro perpetual license (plus the Krotos Bundle for FREE):

$399 for North America
£279 (ex VAT) for the UK and the rest of the world
€329 (ex VAT) for Europe


About Krotos Audio

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Krotos develops innovative technologies that fundamentally advance the art of sound design. Featured in blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Jungle Book, Far Cry 4 and Doom, Krotos’ Dehumaniser has wowed Hollywood and the video game industry by making it possible for actors to perform otherworldly creature voices.

Dehumaniser Live, the middleware plugin for interactive media, made its debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in The Life of Us, a VR experience from Within. Reformer Pro makes it possible for sound designers to perform a library of sound effects with their voice or any other audio input. Paula Fairfield, sound designer on Game of Thrones called Reformer “insanely awesome”.

The start of 2018 marked the release of Weaponiser, offering audio professionals the ability to import, customize and layer weapon sounds more easily, efficiently and creatively - all from within one plug-in.

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