KORG’s minilogue and monologue Gets Serious Update

KORG’s minilogue and monologue Gets Serious Update

New features now available for the wildly popular analog synthesizers


Melville, NY – June 28th, 2019 – KORG is revamping the minilogue and monologue analog synthesizers with a new operating system update that features micro tuning capabilities, sequencer updates and display improvements.

Minilogue users will enjoy creating custom tuning settings using the updated librarian software and can now dive even deeper into sequencing editing with a refreshed motion view and original value indictors for all parameters, expanding any player’s performance. Monologue fans will embrace the synth’s new active step programming, MIDI filter updates, and like the minilogue, an original value indicator for all parameters. Programming has never been easier or more fun for the synthesizer community.

The new 2.0 system will be available for free on June 28th, 2019. Visit www.korg.com for more information and instructions on updating your current minilogue or monologue.

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