Arturia announces 3 Preamps and 3 Filters You'll Actually Use

Renowned for their award-winning virtual instruments modelled on classic synths and keyboards of yesteryear, French audio software and hardware company Arturia have used their modelling expertise to isolate iconic synth filters as standalone software plugins. This concise collection of 3 recreated analog filters not only gives DAW users 3 great sounding effects, but also lets them use these classic filters on any audio source in their software studio.

Arturia know that musicians, both experienced and aspiring, can easily become frustrated with the dizzying array of plugins available these days. With so much choice, it’s often difficult to choose effects that satisfy your creative needs. Arturia has created 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use to give musicians a small, but manageable set of plugins that sound fantastic, are based on legendary synth hardware, and include exciting modern features.

Using their exclusive True Analog Emulation technology, Arturia’s developers were able to analyze and accurately recreate the behaviour and response of each original analog filter, separating them from their host synth, making them available as individual preamps. Modelled on, and inspired by the functionality of famous synths from industry legends Bob Moog and Tom Oberheim, this collection brings the iconic sound of their filters to a new generation of music producers and performers, and updates their functionality with inspiring contemporary features.

Demonstrating the wide variety and style of effects possible using 3 Filters You'll Actually Use, Arturia have released a thorough tutorial video featuring Lyli, one of their in-house sound designers. Users will be able to hear the difference between each filter's core sound, as well as be guided through the more complex elements, like getting hands on with the hugely powerful sequencers.

3 Filters You’ll Actually Use contains:

  • Mini-Filter: Based on the filter found in Bob Moog’s 70s monosynth, users will be able to shape any sound in their DAW with the power of this famous 24dB per octave low-pass filter. This software version also features an LFO, envelope follower, and step sequencer.
  • SEM-Filter: Based on the filter found in a truly historic synth, arguably the first standalone, self-contained synthesizer ever made. Tom Oberheim’s famous state-variable filter has been reborn as a software plugin, and features a simple mod matrix with gate sequencer and mod sources.
  • M12-Filter: A software recreation of the multi-mode filter found in the legendary 80s analog polysynth: Matrix-12. This plugin not only perfectly emulates its response, but also offers twin analog filters, filter processing, modulation envelopes, and a comprehensive mod matrix.

All 3 of these plugins features a beautiful high quality GUI, and a whole host of presets from Arturia’s sound designers to get you inspired, let you kick-start your creativity, and give you a solid base to create your own unique filter sounds and patterns.

Until April 5th 2018, 3 Filters You'll Actually Use and its sibling effect bundle 3 Preamps You'll Actually Use will be available for an introductory offer price:

  • 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use will be available for 99 €/US$ , and 199 €/US$ after the promotion.
  • 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use will be available for 199 €/US$ , and 299 €/US$after the promotion.

Owners of Arturia V Collection, or any other software or hardware instruments are encouraged to log in to their MyArturia accounts on the Arturia website to take advantage of exclusive crossgrade deals.