Arturia releases all details about 3 Preamps You'll Actually Use

Grenoble-based audio hardware and software pioneers Arturia have revealed a small, perfectly curated collection of emulated vintage studio console preamps, updated with modern functionality, and available as plugins for your DAW. This collection has been designed to simplify the plugin selection process, giving DAW users 3 great sounding effects, based on classic audio hardware, that will streamline their workflow and keep music-making enjoyable and inspiring.

Arturia knows that musicians, both experienced and aspiring, can easily become frustrated with the dizzying array of plugins available these days. With so much choice, it’s often difficult to choose effects that satisfy your creative needs. That’s why Arturia developed 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use: to give you a small, manageable set of plugins that sound fantastic, are based on legendary hardware and have fantastic modern features.

Using the same techniques that brought the award-winning instruments of V Collection to life, Arturia’s developers used True Analog Emulation technology to accurately recreate some of the most iconic and influential studio hardware ever made. Based on preamps made famous by Trident Studios, Telefunken, and Rupert Neve, this collection not only makes the inimitable sound of these mixing console channel strips available to a whole new generation of musicians and producers, it also adds contemporary features that will let users get even more creative with their productions.

To answer the many questions that eager users may have about the new exciting preamp plugins, Arturia has also created a comprehensive tutorial that covers every aspect of the new modeled effects. In-house sound designer Lyli not only demonstrates the differing tonal properties of each preamp, but also their unique EQs, the mid/side tone-shaping possibilities, and some of the more creative aspects of the plugins.

3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use contains:

  • 1973-Pre: Based on the sound of Rupert Neve’s 1970s solid-state preamp, this plugin gives your audio that subtle analog harmonic enhancement, as well as natural, analog soft-clipping, 2 modeled transformers, and a beautifully realized vintage EQ.
  • TridA-Pre: Inspired by the illustrious, ultra-rare channel strip of Trident Studios mixing consoles, this plugin combines the subtle sound of its preamp with the ultra-musical 4 band EQ, and triple mode high-pass and low-pass filters.
  • V76-Pre: Modelled on the iconic sound of the historic Telefunken preamp, this valve-driven plugin features a simple EQ, and accurately models the unique sound of its vacuum tube design that typified the “White Album” sound.

Each of these great plugins also features a luscious high-quality GUI, mid/side sound processing options for maximum creative control, and optional automatic gain leveling to make keep everything balanced, no matter how much you crank the input gain.

Until April 5th 2018, 3 Preamps You'll Actually Use and its sibling effect bundle 3 Filters You'll Actually Use will be available for an introductory offer price:

  • 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use will be available for 199 €/US$ , and 299 €/US$after the promotion.
  • 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use will be available for 99 €/US$ , and 199 €/US$ after the promotion.

Owners of Arturia V Collection, or any other software or hardware instruments are encouraged to log in to their MyArturia accounts on the Arturia website to take advantage of exclusive crossgrade deals.

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