The Vox AC10C1; The VOXAC30S1

In 2015, VOX Amplification released the AC10C1; a compact, 10-watt tube amplifier equipped with pro-quality features and classic VOX top boost tone. Today, the popular amplifier brand has expanded the line with the release of the AC1C01-VS; a limited-edition model featuring a vintage-inspired look and a Celestion JuniorV-type speaker, an upgrade in sound, clarity, and style.

“The AC10C1 is one of our best-selling and most adored amps because of its compact size and the incredible, authentic VOX tones that it provides,” says Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at Korg USA. “The new limited edition model is a great addition to the AC family and we’re excited to show it off summer NAMM,” he explains.

In addition to the new speaker, the color of VOX’s classic diamond cloth has changed, as well as the pattern of the covering, bestowing a sleeker and more classic look to the special edition amplifier.

The VOX AC10C1-VS will be available in August 2018 for $499.99.

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Melville, NY – The VOX AC30 has been a prominent part of many musicians’ rigs since the 1960’s. Its trademark chime has set it apart from other amps, making it one of the most recognizable sounds to date. To expand on the legacy of the AC30 series, VOX Amplification has announced the AC30S1; a single channel design inspired by the iconic Top Boost channel of the AC30. The AC30S1 also features a single Celestion 12͟ speaker, studio-quality digital reverb, an effects send/return for pedal pairing, and an external speaker output for pairing with other speaker cabinets. ͞

The new AC30S1 is the VOX amp for today’s guitarist͟, says Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at Korg USA. ͞Though it is based on our classic Top Boost circuit, this amp offers a versatile palette of tone from chiming cleans to harmonically rich overdrive. Seasoned VOX players and newcomers will be impressed by what this amp can do,͟ Piccolo concludes.

The AC30S1’s single-channel design is simple to dial in yet, offers enough versatility to capture a wide range of exciting and memorable guitar tones. The circuit has also been carefully tweaked to be more responsive than ever, making it the perfect platform for pedals or plugging straight in. It utilizes a full tube design with two 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp and four EL84 tubes in the power amp, and comes equipped with a custom voiced Celestion 12͟ speaker.

The original VOX AC30 has been that debuted in the early 60s has become a benchmark by which other amps are measured. In the years since then, VOX has released a variety of AC30 amps, all designed in the spirit of the original. The latest in the lineage is the all-new AC30S1, offering players the simplest way to experience the sound of a full-fledged AC30. Lighter and more compact than previous models, this amp provides the quality and flexibility that modern guitarists demand.

The AC30S1 will be available June 2018 for (price). For more information, visit

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