Fender Introduces Limited Edition Suona Collection

Today, Fender is launching the Limited Edition Suona Collection. Designed to inspire and captivate, the Limited Edition Suona models sing with a refined elegance that echoes the masterful work of a legendary artisan. A stunning adaptation of traditional Fender design, its warm, resonant tones and unmatched beauty are a testament to the dedication and artistry poured into every detail.

This collection includes the Limited Edition Suona Stratocaster® Thinline, the Limited Edition Suona Telecaster®Thinline, and the Limited Edition Suona Jazz Bass® Thinline.

Here’s what’s different about this series:
  • Adaptation of traditional Fender design
  • Warm, resonant tones
    • Custom Shop '69 and Custom-Designed Suona Strat® Pickups
    • Custom Shop Twisted Tele® and Custom-Designed Suona Tele® Pickups
    • Custom-Designed Suona Jazz Bass® Pickups