On-Stage’s New PS901 Pedal Power Bank Drives Wide Array of Guitar Effects


On-Stage’s New PS901 Pedal Power Bank Drives Wide Array of Guitar Effects
The Pedal Power Bank can power up to 13 pedals with the included 5-plug daisy chain

Nashville, TN — June 25, 2019 — On-Stage, a division of The Music People, will roll out its PS901 Pedal Power Bank at Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville. The new PS901 drives an almost limitless array of guitar effects pedals and boasts nine fully isolated, individually LED-indicated outputs.

Internally surged-protected, the PS901 Pedal Power Bank also includes a 5-plug daisy chain for expandability to power up to 13 pedals. The Pedal Power Bank is housed in a heavy-duty, black anodized aluminum housing and a unit-comprehensive package of eight power cables, one reverse polarity plug and an 18V power supply with European conversion adapter plugs.

“The PS901 is perfect for all guitarists as various voltage outputs accommodate almost any pedal,” said Christopher Roberts, Product Line Manager for On-Stage. “Housed in a rugged black aluminum enclosure, this pedal power bank will give any guitar player the power they need to take their sound to the next level.”

For more information, please visit on-stage.com.

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On-Stage, a division of The Music People, is founded on a promise of affordability, durability and innovation. On-Stage products are used every day in studios, schools and on stages across the world by both professional players, students and weekend warriors alike. For more information, please visit on-stage.com or call toll-free at 1-800-289-8889.

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