Gretsch Redesign Bass Drum Rail Mount And Offer New Heritage Build Option

(6th January 2020 – Ridgeland, South Carolina) Gretsch Drums’ newly-developed GP Bass Drum Rail Mount combines a classic look with modern features to complement the appearance of any vintage style drum set.  The traditional looking Bass Drum Rail Mount reduces the need for a tom stand and its solid hold enhances sustain and resonance.

The new fully-adjustable rail hinge bracket grips a 1” knurled bar, ensuring secure and precise tom positioning.  A geared tom tilter holds a 12.7mm L-Arm providing additional positioning with memory locks on both the knurled bar and L-arm for exact set-up every time.  T-rod wing screws and wingnuts complete the stylish look and feel Gretsch enthusiasts always appreciate.

The mount can be ordered as part of a custom build or aftermarket part (product code GRGPRLMT) and will fit any bass drum size.

Gretsch are also introducing a new option on USA Custom and Broadkaster drums; the Heritage Build. This captures the early era of the Gretsch Drums legacy, incorporating tension rod lengths that run the full length of the shells from claw to claw. This early vintage style look is available on any drum finish with the rods available in different in lengths to suit the varying depths of the drum shells.

Visit the Gretsch Drums Winter NAMM booth #202AB, Level 2,