Yamaha CP OS v1.4 Offers More Performance Options for CP73 and CP88 Inbox

BUENA PARK, Calif. (September 27, 2020) – Yamaha today introduced the CP OS v1.4 update for the CP73 and CP88 stage pianos. With new Voices, improved workflow and additions to the popular Sub Section, the CP73 and CP88 once again set the bar for intuitive operation, sound and playability in a professional instrument.

The new OS v1.4 builds upon the keyboards’ previous update, CP OS v1.3, with two added Voices for greater studio and performance options. The new Nashville C3 Voice offers players an inspiring vintage grand piano sound with the characteristic sounds of Nashville. The samples were processed using analog tape at Yamaha Entertainment Group studios in order to create its vintage character. The new CF3 Live Voice was added at players’ request for the second characteristic sound of the Yamaha CP300 stage piano after the addition of the CFIII acoustic grand piano in the previous update. The CP300 is known for being able to cut through dense arrangements, with a bright, powerful sound. The Voice has been optimized for an even better presence in a mix and will be featured prominently in large line-ups.

Yamaha CP73 (top) and CP88 (bottom)

CP OS v1.4 expands the Sub Section—a popular choice of the keyboards’ three sections—for added flexibility and creativity when it comes to creating sonic spaces. New pads, strings, synths, a powerful Sforzando Brass Section and both a classical and Western guitar have been added to the Sub Section’s current selection of strings, brass and synths.

In response to musicians’ feedback, the update also includes workflow enhancements making it easier to navigate and adjust settings and menus. The Voice selection window now features a list view so players can select sounds with ease.

“The CP73 and CP88 stage keyboards were crafted to deliver the authentic sounds that artists are looking for in an intuitive, modern instrument,” said Nate Tschetter, manager, Synthesizer Marketing, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The new CP OS v1.4 update expands upon the instruments’ carefully selected sounds, giving musicians the expressive capabilities that they need to create.”

Watch the official CP73 and CP88 Overview video here:

Pricing and Availability

CP OS v1.4 is available immediately and free to download at https://usa.yamaha.com/support/updates/cp88_cp73_os.html For more information, please visit https://Yamaha.io/CP

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