Manly Bands Partners With Fender To Create Unique Wedding Ring Collection For Music Lovers Alike

Collection uses authentic Fender guitar materials to create custom rings catered to the rapidly growingmen’s wedding ring market.

Lindon, UT (February 1, 2022): Today, Manly Bands announces a new partnership with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors, to create a custom collection of guitar-inspired wedding rings for men. This is the first partnership between Manly Bands and the music industry, as Manly Bands expands to incorporate new customer segments in the wedding ring market.
Manly Bands creates rings for every type of person and has previously partnered with other brands to capitalize on the interests of typical male consumers, ranging from Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel materials to cater to whiskey connoisseurs, and MLB inspired rings made with wood from a baseball bat to entice sports fans. While the wedding band buying experience for men has been traditionally limited in scope, Manly Bands is looking to create new markets for couples who are looking for wedding jewelry that reflects their individual personality.

Ranging from $495-$850, the Fender Collection is made with the same materials used to create the classic Fender(R) guitars used by some of the world’s most influential musicians. Real guitar strings are inlaid into the wedding bands, made with a variety of premium woods and metals.

The Troubadour is made with Ebony wood and Fender Tweed, inlaid with an Authentic Guitar String to pay tribute to the traditional Fender guitar cases.

The Troubadour

The Riff is made with Black Zirconium with a Fretboard engraving to pay tribute to the fretboard.

The Riff

The Acoustic is made with Rosewood and inlaid with two Authentic Guitar Strings, to pay tribute to the neck and bronze strings.

The Acoustic

The 1954 is made with Black Zirconium and Bird’s Eye Maple, inlaid with an Authentic Guitar String to mimic the Black PLAYER STRATOCASTER®.

The 1954

The Sonic is made with Mahogany Wood, inlaid with an Authentic Guitar String and hand painted sleeve to mimic the "Ocean Turquoise" color of the AMERICAN ACOUSTASONIC® JAZZMASTER®.

The Sonic

The Electric is made with Titanium and Ebony Wood, inlaid with an Authentic Guitar String to mimic the Mercury AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL II TELECASTER® DELUXE.

The Electric

Manly Bands Co-founder/Co-CEO Johnathan Ruggiero says, “Everyone wants their wedding band to represent who they are, and we’ve had huge success with our custom crafted collections targeting both hobbies and personal interests. Music connects couples everywhere, which is why we’re so excited to partner with Fender to create a unique collection that speaks to musicians and music lovers all over America.”

Manly Bands Co-founder/Co-CEO, Michelle Luchese says, “So many of us connect to music, whether we’replaying it, sharing a favorite song with someone, singing it loud in the shower, or walking down the aisle to a special song! The profound effect it has on us and our relationships seemed like the perfect way to expand our wedding band collection, knowing how far we could go to create such unique expressions of music and its connection to love. We are honored to partner with Fender who has been helping create these connections all these years.”
“We are excited to partner with Manly Bands to create this unique collection,”said Richard Bussey, Vice President, Accessories, Lifestyle, and Licensing for FMIC.“The craft and care they put into their product mirrors the commitment Fender puts into our guitar manufacturing and the commitment a musician puts into their craft and their marriage. A guitarists’ wedding band is as visible on stage as the instrument in their hands and this collaboration with Manly Bands is the perfect way to show support for all the loves in your life.”
The Fender Collection is available for purchase in the US on the Manly Bands website,with styles starting at $495. For more information and to shop this collection, please visit

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