STEVENSVILLE, MD, May 17, 2022 – The PRS Private Stock Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition is a versatile guitar that beautifully showcases the material choices and skilled craftsmanship available from the Private Stock team.

Reintroduced in 2021, the PRS Special Semi-Hollow features several appointments that were maintained for this Limited Edition, including a 22-fret, 25” scale length neck, semi-hollow body with single f-hole, and hum-Narrowfield-hum pickup configuration. This Private Stock limited edition features stunning woods from the Private Stock Vault, including a highly-figured maple top, a Black Limba back and neck, ziricote fretboard, truss rod cover, and headstock veneer. Finished with white mother of pearl and paua inlays, smoked black hardware, and a high-gloss nitro Citrus Glow finish, these instruments are true examples of the Private Stock team at work.
“What I love about running Limited Edition instruments in Private Stock is that it gives the team the opportunity to showcase our work on our own terms,” said Paul Miles, PRS Director of Private Stock. “We chose the Special Semi-Hollow model because the pickup and electronics configuration is extremely versatile, providing highly musical tones. The choice of Black Limba for the back and neck add to the tonal balance while the smoked black hardware against the Citrus Glow finish create a dramatic aesthetic contrast.”

Only 85 of these PRS Private Stock Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition instruments will be made.

The PRS Private Stock program represents the highest quality of materials and the most personally crafted instruments available from PRS Guitars. Built with players in mind, Private Stock Limited Edition instruments are built with a “one-off” mentality and take the craft of guitar-making to the next level, so collectors, art aficionados, and musicians alike will enjoy.
For more information on this limited edition and the Private Stock program, please visit and connect @prsguitars on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to join the conversation.

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