Native Sketches returns – hear exclusive works-in-progress from 25 emerging producers and beatmakers

Berlin – Native Instruments today releases season two of Native Sketches – the result of a simple challenge posed to a handpicked global roster of emerging producers and beatmakers: Create a new musical idea using only instruments and effects from KOMPLETE 11 and MASCHINE. Each of the 25 tracks is accompanied by generative visuals from Berlin-based filmmaker Rainer Kohlberger, and an in-depth description of the production process from the artist themselves.

Contributions to this season come from a diverse group of artists, representing a full spectrum of beat-focussed genres – from London club producer Sega Bodega and French collaborator Coucou Chloe; to North American hip-hop heads like Prezident Jeff and FrancisGotHeat; and Asian bass-music breakouts Jason Hou and EGL.

Many of season two’s contributors are best known for productions they’ve contributed to other artists’ releases: TRAKGIRL is behind the trap-infused R&B of Jhene Aiko’s “Overstimulated”; Stwo and FrancisGotHeat have both worked with Drake, and the latter has produced for Roy Woods – as has Prezident Jeff, who also counts Wiz Khalifa, Stormzy, and Majid Jordan among his credits.

All 25 producers have supplemented their Sketch with a self-penned description of how it was created. From abstract concepts to individual presets, each one offers a fascinating glimpse into the unique creative process of each artist.

Native Sketches is a testament to the benefits of adopting a faster and more streamlined creative process. By limiting the sonic palette and working to a tight deadline, many producers find that they achieve results that not only approach the quality of more time-intensive creations, but that also contain interesting ideas that may otherwise have been filtered out. Taken as a whole, the series is proof positive that less can indeed be more.

Featured Artists

Monte Booker, Ivy Lab, TĀLĀ, Stwo, EGL, P. Morris, Silk Road Assassins, Louie Duffelbags, Prezident Jeff, FrancisGotHeat, TRAKGIRL, Cazal Organism, Khrysis, Hajjimus Prime, Meltycanon, Myth Syzer, Kami Awori, Shy One, Jeka Jones, Jason Hou, Bamz, Ikonika, Coucou Chloe, Sega Bodega, and Soda Plains.

All 25 Sketches are available at:


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