The electric guitar finally transformed into fine art!

German guitar maker Jens Ritter releases his new fine art series – THE SLEEPING BEAUTIES! Electric guitar masterpieces deactivated and sent to a 100-year sleep.

Renown for creating some of the finest electric guitars for major music artists like Prince, George Benson, Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, Lady Gaga and many more, Jens Ritter nowadays has a second career in a different genre: The Art World! Since a few years, he uses instruments and music equipment as a medium to express himself as an artist. His artworks examine the contemporary role and cultural status of the electric guitar and how this cultural symbol has changed its social context within the past decades.

Jens Ritter’s new art pieces -the SLEEPING BEAUTIES - are made out of the finest tone woods combined with exceptional materials. Musical instrument masterpieces of highest sound quality tuned the first time and enjoyed for just a few minutes. Then deactivated and sent to sleep for exactly 100 years. The electric guitar's purpose is sent to the future like astronauts in cryosleep. But the wake up date is clearly specified: a countdown of 36500 days until the guitar will sing again!

Jens Ritter's artworks are collected by major museums like the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the MET - Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and many more.

His new SLEEPING BEAUTIES guitars come in limited editions up to 8 pieces or as unique artworks. Prices range from US$20,000 to US$280,000.

"The Sleeping Beauties are meaningful legacies to pass on to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They transport the powerful cultural energy of the electric guitar's golden age which we have to communicate to future generations! The future owners who will wake up the Sleeping Beauties in 100 years will receive an important message!"

Nowadays collectors all over the world collect Jens Ritter’s art masterpieces to celebrate the era of rock music and cherish the electric guitar for its important legacy as the “Sword of Love and Peace”!

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