AirHush: a revolutionary new development in acoustic isolation makes its world debut at NAMM

AirHush®, a revolutionary new development in acoustic isolation, makes its world debut at the National Association of Music Merchants exposition in Anaheim, CA, January 23-27.

The patented AirHush ISAT® (Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology) system embraces one of the most significant innovations in sound control in the last two decades and has been engineered in lightweight, transparent, modular panels that reduce SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and create isolation in temporary or permanent locations.

Constructed with an inflatable core and state-of-technology soundproofing materials in aluminum framing, the AirHush ISAT ® system provides unlimited flexibility to create areas for blocking or isolating sound anywhere. At roughly four square feet per panel, with sturdy metal framing that can easily integrate graphics or lighting, these AirHush ISAT® provide innovative flexibility. The panels can easily be locked together to conform to any size enclosure, wall or barrier.

The revolutionary, innovative system expands applications in the pro audio industry and can be used to create spaces for testing, demo, monitoring or manufacturing by reducing SPL anywhere – with no need for expensive, professional installation. Air Hush® panels reduce freight and handling costs as three deflated panels ship in the space of one inflated on-site panel.

AirHush® inventor Jim Pilaar will be with the AirHush team to introduce this system to the media at NAMM’s Media Preview Day, Wednesday, January 23d, 2019. There will be three AirHush® presentations at NAMM - one at the company’s main booth (#15022) and the others at Involve Audio (booth #11129) and at TransAudio (booth #14914).

The ground-breaking AirHush®, first of its kind in the audio world, is based on the concept of replacing the mass used in sound control solutions with pressured air (or other gasses), combined with modern sound attenuation materials.

AirHush ® is the registered trademark of AirHush ® ISAT Systems, Inc. Please visit our website or email music@airhushcom.

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