Carvin Amps and Audio Announces the QX Series Loudspeakers

San Diego, CA – March 22, 2019 – Announcing the new QX Series loudspeakers, which offer the ultimate in versatility, from Carvin Amps and Audio. The QX Series are designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker, full range stage monitor, all in one PA, or as a three-way extended low end system main with our SCx18A subwoofer.

Choose between the QX15A 15-inch active 1000W loudspeaker with DSP and Bluetooth™ or the passive QX15 15-inch 900W loudspeaker. The QX Series is ideal for club systems, houses of worship, DJs, auditoriums, band PA, and as a satellite extension of an existing sound system. QX Series loudspeakers are available now and ready to ship. The QX15A is the perfect all in one solution for small gigs and comes equipped with the following features:

  • 1000W of bi-amped power.
  • Analog Devices™ ADAU1701 Sigma DSP processor provides 4 user settings: LIVE, PLAYBACK/DJ, MONITOR,or EXTERNAL SUBWOOFER.
  • Includes a three channel mixer with Bluetooth™. For small gigs, you can plug directly into the speaker, adjust levels and you are ready to perform.
  • The Bluetooth™ feature allows you to stream audio wirelessly and link a second QX15A wirelessly for a true stereo connection.
  • System packages available at com/qx

Order the QX Series now at

See the QX15 Series demo video here:

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