Gig Gear Debuts Health and Safety Training Initiative ‘Safe and Sound’ for Musicians, Music Professionals

The new initiative aims to increase personal health and wellness training through both in-person workshops and free content on the soon-to-be-released Safe and Sound Blog

April 1, 2019 – Gig Gear LLC — manufacturer of accessories designed for musicians, roadies and AV techs — is excited to announced its new personal health and safety training initiative “Safe and Sound.”

As the manufacturer of Gig Gloves, protective work gloves designed for musicians and roadies, the company saw the need to create an initiative that brings personal health, safety and wellness to the forefront of musicians’ minds.

Many musicians and roadies carry, set up and tear down heavy and cumbersome gear during their gigs, but do not take the appropriate steps to do so safely. Gig Gear noticed the large lack of information and Safe and Sound aims to address this gap by providing content in the form of articles, videos and in-person workshops all aimed at informing and educating musicians on how to best stay safe and healthy while focusing on the various activities and workload one typically encounters while out on a gig.

“We at Gig Gear are very excited to finally be debuting Safe and Sound — the only initiative of its kind in the music industry,” said Danny Shatzkes, founder and CEO of Gig Gear LLC. “Our goal is to help musicians continue doing what they love for longer. Personal health, safety and wellness are not necessarily topics that come up a lot in the music industry, but it’s time that it be given the attention it deserves.”

Two Ways to Train

Safe and Sound will partner with experts in various fields to make sure the content and information presented is always fresh and up-to-date. As an added benefit to the industry, free wellness content, articles and videos will be available at

For those that want to provide extra value to their roadies and team, Gig Gear will also offer in-person Safe and Sound workshops that will feature experts who will speak directly to them and their team with targeted lessons and tips on how to best stay healthy and safe while gigging.

Information on the in-person workshops can be found at

“We want to put personal health on the forefront of people’s minds,” Shatzkes continued. “It’s our belief that we shouldn’t ‘live to work,’ rather ‘work to live’ and our livelihoods should complement how we want to spend our lives — not the other way around. So, we should make sure that when we are on the job, that we are doing so in the safest and healthiest way possible. Safe and Sound will address these issues that have been largely ignored in the music industry.”

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