ddrum’s New Dominion Series Snare Drums Deliver Quality and Versatility

TAMPA, FL — Make a statement with ddrum’s versatile new Dominion Series snare drums. These standalone snares accompany the 2020 return of Dominion Series kits and are ideal for drummers looking to upgrade their main snare, or add a versatile secondary drum to change up their backbeats. Like the kits, the Dominion Series snares include Dominion Ash models, which come in four ash veneer finishes and in two sizes, as well as Dominion Standard models, which come in four PVC wrap finishes. Affordably and attractively packaged, Dominion Series snare drums arrive ready-to-play right out of the box.

While Dominion Series snare drums each have their own unique flair, it’s important to highlight what they have in common. Whereas ddrum’s previous Dominion Series drew from the deep studio tones of maple, the resurrected series uses birch, a wood famous among drum-crafting artisans for its balanced, versatile tone that works at any tuning. The 8-ply birch snare drum design also includes recognizable features like Dominion-style box lugs and a genuine Remo coated-dot batter head made specifically for ddrum. The standard 45-degree bearing edge produces excellent attack.

As for unique attributes, ddrum’s Dominion Ash snares are available in two sizes, 5.5’’ x 14’’ and 7’’ x 13’’. The 5.5’’ x 14’’ snares have a 10-lug design, while the 7’’ x 13’’ snares have an 8-lug design, all made with high-quality diecast hoops and providing a wide tuning range. On each Dominion Ash snare drum, the birch shell is finished with a special lacquered ash wood veneer available in four color options: Green Burst, Gloss Natural, Red Burst, and Transparent Black.

Dominion Standard snares measure 7’’ x 13’’ and come with a 2.3 mm triple-flanged hoop and 8 box lugs. The birch shells have PVC wrap finishes in four colors: Brushed Blue, Midnight Black, Red Sparkle, and Silver Sparkle.

Regardless of size, color, or tuning range, each Dominion Series snare drum is ready for studio, live performance, practice, and any other application where players need a solidly built wood snare that sounds excellent with minimal EQ adjustment.

Both sizes of the Dominion Ash snare drum are priced competitively at $229 street, while the Dominion Standard snare is priced at $119.