IT’S A REVELATION: MXL Microphones Features Revelation Line During Believe in Music Week

TORRANCE, CA, JANUARY 20, 2021 – Tube mics are the gold standard when it comes to capturing those warm, rich vocals that audiophiles know and love. MXL will shine a spotlight on the complete REVELATION line during Believe in Music Week, including its original REVELATION, the REVELATION II, which was announced earlier this year, as well as the most recent REVELATION Mini FET.

As a foundational audio solution, the natural compression that tube mics provide is second to none and desired by musicians around the world. For MXL, a brand that’s obsessed with capturing the most pristine sound possible, the company was destined to manufacture an absolutely exceptional tube microphone. The original REVELATION tube mic was a massive hit right off the bat. Utilizing the latest design and manufacturing technologies, the brand welcomed its predecessor, the REVELATION II tube microphone to the MXL family in April 2020.


Borrowing concepts from the renowned REVELATION tube microphone, the REV II offers musicians the remarkable clarity and versatility of the classic REVELATION but is more accessible to musicians on a budget. Offering the iconic tube mic sound, the REV II is an ideal solution for capturing crystal-clear vocals and instrumentals for a variety of genres. Although geared towards studio use, the REVELATION II is a versatile and flexible solution that is great for both home and studio recordings, and its simple set up makes it a perfect solution for recording while on the road. Adding to the mic’s versatility, the mic’s polar pattern selection is virtually limitless, controllable by a variable pattern control knob.

“With the REV II, our customers are falling in love with its classic sound all over again,” says Trevor Fedele, Director at MXL Microphones. “Today, with most artists working remotely, the last thing we would want is the musical element to be lost. By making high-quality solutions more accessible, we aim to contribute to a seamless experience for both in-person and virtual productions. The MXL REVELATION II is sure to take your next performance up a few notches—whether it’s in-person, live-streamed or pre-recorded.”

When Hunter Wolfe, guitarist and vocalist of Born Crooked, was forced to switch gears at the beginning of the pandemic, he knew he could turn to MXL to support his transition to recording from home. “We have a number of new songs that were slated to be recorded in-studio, but instead, we are recording them from our homes and MXL has been a part of this process every step of the way,” he says. “When I first received the REV II, I plugged it straight into my DAW and tracked without any EQ, COMP or pre/post processing to see what the mic sounded like on its own. This was the first time that I ever truly liked the sound I was hearing from my vocal track without having to add processing. The mic is rich, full-bodied with a clarity that I haven’t found in any other mic.”


Following the massive success of both the classic REVELATION and REVELATION II mics, MXL set out to create a mic that has the same intimacy and warmth of a tube mic but is built around a FET circuit with a smaller footprint. This led to the birth of the newest REVELATION family member, the REVELATION MINI FET. While everyone loves a beautiful, elegant-sounding tube mic, sometimes artists require a smaller, more durable solution. With these needs in mind, MXL put a great deal of energy into the design of the new REVELATION MINI FET in order to preserve the classic REVELATION sound while increasing the mic’s flexibility.

Today more than ever, it is crucial for artists to have access to budget-friendly solutions that will not compromise on audio quality—and that’s exactly what they can expect with MXL REVELATION mics. By keeping its ear to the ground and placing customers’ needs above all, MXL looks forward to expanding the REVELATION family even further in the coming years.

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