Jordan Rudess: He's so Busy, No Wonder He Plays So Damn Fast!

How do we introduce the man we seem to interview with more regularity than any other major league keyboard player? Yes, we sat down once again with today’s leading keyboard virtuoso, this time to talk about the making of Dream Theater’s latest, self-titled album, as well as a variety of other projects that Jordan has been working on.

If you haven’t listened to Dream Theater, the new album is filled with a fantastic collection of songs that really draws upon the band’s classic influences across the board, from classical music to metal to prog rock. To some listeners, it’s a return to form of sorts, harkening back to the earliest Dream Theater albums. To the band’s most recent fans, it’s a bit more song focused and direct in its approach than the last few records, and the closing track delivers one of the finest, epic progressive metal songs the band has ever recorded. We could go on and on, but instead we’ll just let Jordan tell you all about it.

We went for the big orchestral thing, and on this album we used… real string players.

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