Over 20 new finishes available on iconic EBMM instruments includingStingRay Special, Cutlass RS, StingRay RS, Sabre, and more

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (TUESDAY APRIL 20, 2021) –– Ernie Ball Music Man launches a newcollection of finishes for many of their flagship instruments, including the StingRay Special bass, Cutlass RS guitar, StingRay RS guitar, and more. Now available at retail, the 2021 lineup alsofeatures new finishes for the Sabre guitar, and the Bongo bass.

The StingRay Special bass:
○ First introduced in 1976, the original StingRay 4 string bass is revered as one ofthe most iconic bass guitars in history. New for 2021, the StingRay Special will beoffered in 8 new finishes including Amethyst Sparkle, Black, Snowy Night,Raspberry Burst, Smoked Chrome, Speed Blue, Burnt Ends, and Forest Green.

The StingRay Special 5 string bass:
○ With its powerful punchy sound, the StingRay Special 5 string, is equipped withyour choice of single or dual humbucking pickups, 18-volt preamp, and acomfortably contoured body. New for 2021, the StingRay 5 Special will feature 8new finishes including Frost Green, Black, Snowy Night, Raspberry Burst,Smoked Chrome, Speed Blue, Burnt Ends, and Amethyst Sparkle.

The Cutlass RS guitar:
○ From biting lead to crunchy rhythms to classic single-coil tones, the Cutlass RShas you covered. The Cutlass RS is offered with either three Ernie Ball MusicMan mid-60s style single coils (the SSS model) or a custom wound Ernie BallMusic Man ceramic humbucker with two single coils (the HSS model). New for 2021, the Cutlass will feature 2 new finishes including Powder Blue and VintageTobacco for both the SSS and HSS models.

The StingRay RS guitar:
○ Fashioned with the flawless craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Ernie BallMusic Man, the StingRay RS guitar is the perfect confluence of classic aesthetics and modern design and playability. New for 2021, the StingRay RS will feature 2new finishes including Powder Blue and Burnt Amber.

The Sabre guitar:
○ The Sabre is truly a player’s guitar. It delivers a lively, dynamic sound with striking clarity and sustain––and aesthetically, it’s equally as compelling. For 2021, the Sabre guitar will also be featured in the new Gator Burst finish.

The Bongo bass:
○ The Bongo represents everything a modern bass should be: well balanced,comfortable, resonant, and expressive with effortless playability. For 2021, we’re offering the Bongo 4, 5, and 6 string in the all-new Harvest Orange finish.

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