Arturia's Brute family now available in Noir Editions

Meet the Brutes; where vintage synthesis and cutting-edge technology collides in the name of creative freedom and controlled sonic chaos. Now MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S, and DrumBrute Impact are going under the radar with sleek all-black exteriors for a limited time.

Analog stealth machines

Three analog desktop machines, three ways of harnessing the raw energy of voltage for whatever creative purpose.

MiniBrute 2

Compact monosynth with huge modular flexibility, 25-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, and dual-oscillator Brute voice.

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MiniBrute 2S

Semi-modular desktop synth fused with powerful & experimental 64-step sequencer for classic synth workflow and punchy Brute character.
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DrumBrute Impact

Hard-hitting 10-voice analog drum machine, modernized with gnarly FM, polyrhythmic sequencing, and a built-in distortion circuit.
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Discover the Noir Brute range

Learn more about the Noir Brute range by visiting Arturia’s website.

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