Roland Announces Multiple V-Drums Product Upgrades

Los Angeles, CA, October 4, 2022 — Roland, a world leader in electronic drums and percussion, announces multiple upgrades to the company’s award-winning V-Drums product lineup. New TD-17, TD-27, and V-Drums Acoustic Design models have been released with significant hardware upgrades to previous-generation kits. In addition, the sound modules included with the kits have been updated with a variety of new features.

TD-17 and TD-27 Drum Sound Modules: Version 2.0 Updates
Version 2.0 updates bring a host of powerful enhancements to the TD-17 and TD-27 modules at the heart of many V-Drums kits, including the six new models.

The Version 2.0 update for the TD-17 module features 10 all-new preset kits and 10 kits previously exclusive to the module in the VAD306 V-Drums Acoustic Design set. The added kits employ 26 pre-loaded samples that can also be used to create custom kits. Reverb and Kit Comp effects have been added as well, along with 11 more MFX types for shaping drum tones. The module also includes support for content on Roland Cloud, where users can explore an ever-growing range of artist kits and more.
With Version 2.0, the TD-27 module gets even better with 10 additional preset kits and newly enhanced versions of the three most popular kits from the original release. New pre-loaded samples are also included. Layering features have been expanded, while parallel compression options and transient shaping enhancements provide even greater sound control. The module interface has also been improved for faster sound selection and drum customization.

New kits based around these modules will ship with the Version 2.0 updates. Later in 2022, owners of existing TD-17 and TD-27 modules will be able to download the Version 2.0 updates on Roland Cloud with a free Roland Account.

TD-17KVX2 and TD-17KV2 V-Drums
Since its launch in 2018, the TD-17 V-Drums series has powered the progress of developing drummers everywhere, combining expressive sound and authentic playability with powerful coaching tools and built-in Bluetooth for playing along with music from mobile devices. Now, the journey continues with two new kits that build on the top-tier models from the original lineup.

Along with the updated TD-17 module, the new TD-17KVX2 and TD-17KV2 kits add thin V-Cymbal pads that offer more natural movement and improved stick feel. The TD-17KVX2 features two 12-inch CY-12C-T crash cymbals, while the TD-17KV2 comes with one CY-12C-T. Both kits come with a 14-inch CY-14R-T ride cymbal with three-way triggering for edge, bow, and bell sounds.
TD-27KV2 V-Drums
Equipped with advanced digital trigger pad technology and other top V-Drums features, the TD-27KV2 brings serious drummers premium playability and flagship-level expression at an affordable price. The updated TD-27 module includes many next-generation technologies derived from the top-of-the-line TD-50X. And with the TD-27KV2’s spacious layout and large, comfortable pads, players can use all their standard acoustic drum techniques without compromise.

Expanding on the digital snare and digital ride pads included with the previous TD-27KV model, the TD-27KV2 adds a VH-14D digital hi-hat. The 14-inch top/bottom cymbal design mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand for an authentic look and feel. Playing dynamics, stick techniques, and foot articulations are all captured with perfect detail, thanks to the high-resolution detection system and lightning-fast module processing. The TD-27KV2 also includes 12-inch CY-12C-T and 14-inch CY-14C-T crash cymbals with thin profiles to further enhance the acoustic playing experience.
TD-27KV2 V-DrumsV-Drums Acoustic Design Kits: VAD507, VAD504, and VAD307
Introduced in 2020 to universal acclaim, the V-Drums Acoustic Design series fuses the authentic look and feel of acoustic drums with Roland’s leading electronic drum technologies. With real wood shells and custom chrome hardware, every V-Drums Acoustic Design kit projects the premium look of high-end acoustic drums, providing a familiar presence that's the centerpiece of any stage.

The VAD507 and VAD504 kits are the new midline models in the V-Drums Acoustic Design range. Building on the previous VAD506 and VAD503 models, these kits feature the updated TD-27 sound module and a 14-inch VH-14D digital hi-hat to complement the previously included digital snare and digital ride pads. In addition, both kits have been upgraded with heavy-duty tom/cymbal stands inherited from the flagship VAD706.

The new VAD307 kit offers the same club-sized configuration and cutdown shells as the previous VAD306 model. It features the updated TD-17 module plus thin V-Cymbal pads that include two 12-inch CY-12C-T crash cymbals and one 14-inch CY-14R-T ride. The kit has also been upgraded with the same heavy-duty tom/cymbal combination stands included with the VAD706.

Availability & Pricing
The new TD-17, TD-27, and V-Drums Acoustic Design models will be available in the U.S. in October 2022. The TD-17KV2 and TD-17KVX2 kits are priced at $1,599 and $2,099, respectively, and the TD-27KV2 is priced at $3,499. The VAD307 will be available for $2,899, the VAD504 at $4,299 and the VAD507 at $5,399.

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