Burnley, United Kingdom.
We are excited to announce the release of our latest product, the 1073OPX USB/ADAT Card, which will be launched to the public on Thursday 13th April at the NAMM show. The 1073OPX USB/ADAT Card is a powerful new digital expansion card using the universally accepted ADAT protocol, which can be installed into any 1073OPX manufactured after October 2020.

Two, new modes of operation:

  • USB/ADAT Hub mode - Transforms the 1073OPX into an expandable USB Audio Interface, capable of connecting up to 16 inputs and 10 outputs through a single USB connection.
  • ADAT standalone mode - Allows users to expand an existing ADAT-compatible audio interface digitally via ADAT optical connection, adding eight Neve 1073 preamps and an additional stereo output to their existing audio interface.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to take your recordings to the next level with the 1073OPX USB/ADAT Card. Place your order with your local Neve dealer and experience the unmatched sonic clarity and warmth of the classic Neve sound.

Recommended retail price:

  • Standalone 1073OPX USB/ADAT Card - $795 / £645
  • 1073OPX Unit & ADAT Card Bundle - $4,395 / £3,495

More information on the 1073OPX unit can be found here.