Jackson Launches Reimagined Pro Plus Series

The Jackson Pro Plus Series instruments, crafted with four decades of Jackson experience and expertise, are packed with features that the weekend warrior, semi-professional, and professional guitarist demands, offering consumers access to premium spec'd out features like multilaminate necks, the best 3rd party pickups, Floyd Rose tremolos and Gotoh tuners.
The Jackson Pro Plus Series guitars feature a wide range of options to suit every guitarist's preference, including arch tops, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle, or multi-voiced Fishman Fluence pickups, expertly crafted multilaminate neck-thru or bolt-on necks, Luminlay® side-dots, compound radius ebony/maple fingerboards, premium body woods, Cryo/stainless steel/EVO frets, stunning finishes, and Floyd Rose® 1000 series locking tremolo systems.
With premium features catering to highly-technical playing, multi-dimensional tone and ergonomic design, the brand-new Jackson Pro Plus Series provides the ultimate high-performance experience for today's modern players.

Watch Jackson artist Alyssa Day introduce the Pro Plus Series here.

  • The best hardware & electronic: Seymour Duncan delivers power, tone and articulation that lets you cut through the mix. Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolos are the gold standard in tuning stability. Sound great and dive bomb your brains out without going out of tune-ever.
  • Next generation body designs: Arch tops, contoured heels , scoops and bevels, all designed to promote ergonomic support to reduce fatigue. Play longer, faster and harder without fear of fatigue or injury.
  • Multilaminate necks: Increased stability, durability and sustain.
  • Luminlay side dots: Find your way on the fretboard on darkened stages..
  • SubZero, EVO & stainless-steel frets: Allows you to get aggressive while maintaining durability and  tone.
  • Killer finishes: Exciting, eye-catching finishes to inspire players everywhere.

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