If you’re like us, a pedal board with lots of loose cables running every which way is completely unacceptable. Likewise, a tangle of wires from your keyboards to a mixer is just as unsightly. While there are some dedicated snake systems for managing audio, those prevent you from utilizing your favorite premium cables. What’s a neat freak to do?

We tried a few other general-purpose solutions – Ikea sells some conduit for organizing your television/stereo cables, and our local Home Depot had conduit for organizing electrical wires. But running twenty-foot cable runs with four or more cables into those long conduits took a long time, and the twenty-minute ordeal left our fingers raw. Further, removing individual cables messed the whole system up, and where you need the cables to flex, the general-purpose solutions we tried would buckle and come apart slightly.

We even resorted to tying bunches of cables together with plastic cable ties, but if you ever coil up your cables to pack for a gig, you’ve felt the pain of those sharp plastic edges where you cut the excess tie length away, and of course changing a cable requires cutting all the wraps off and starting over again.

Enter AudioSkin – an ingenious cable management system that works great for your pedal board, rack, and yes, even your home theater.

Unlike the cable solutions above, using the AudioSkin system, we were able to zip up six audio cables plus one power cord from our pedal board to our amp and effects rack in less than twenty seconds!

Further, the interlocking weave of the AudioSkin cable organizer gives it plenty of room to flex without buckling, and you can pull individual cables out part-way while leaving the other cables wrapped up. This was useful on our pedal board where most of the cables ran to one side of the board, but one or two cables needed to be routed to the other side of our setup.

AudioSkin is one of those clever, inexpensive ($17 from the Audioskin web site) products that will make your life easier, the grass a little bit greener, and your cable management a heck of a lot easier. Check out the demo video on their home page – this system absolutely works as simply as they demonstrate.

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