Winter NAMM 2017: Check Out Our New Klon Centaur and Binson Echorec Inspired Effects Engines.

We've got seven new overdrive and delay effect engines available in the Neuro Mobile App. They're in the App right now waiting for you and they are no extra charge for anybody that already owns the Nemesis Delay or L.A. Lady OverdriveKingmaker Fuzz, and AfterShock Bass Distortion. All you need to do is update your pedal , update your Neuro App, Connect the App to the pedal, and pull up the effect in the Sound Editor. If you're going to NAMM this week in Anaheim, swing by the Source Audio booth and check 'em out for yourself (we're in booth #5498/Hall B).

First up is our Binson Echorec inspires engine. This effect is truly beautiful. The original Binson Echorec units used a magnetic drum recorder for its repeats. It has multiple playback heads that can be adjusted to create all kinds of cool rhythmic patterns. The original Echorecs can be heard all over Pink Floyd and Zeppelin records. Gilmour, Waters, and Page used them to great effect on tunes like "Echos" and "When the Levee Breaks." The Binson has a very ambient delay sound, bordering on reverb. Months or research, design went into the creation of our version of this classic unit. You need to try it today.

Video Demo: The Binson Echorec Inspired Engine.

In addition to our two new Binson Echorec engines, we've created five new overdrive/fuzz engines for the L.A. Lady Overdrive, the Kingmaker Fuzz, and the AfterShock Bass Distortion. First and foremost is The Klone, a smoking overdrive engine inspired by the iconic Klon Centaur Overdrive. The Klone engine is a beautifully transparent and powerful drive that sounds equally great at low and high gain settings. New drive engines also include killer mods of a Fuzz Face ("Pepperface Fuzz") and Tube Screamer ("Vari-Screamer") as well as a Germanium Big Muff inspired engine. Plug 'em in and play 'em loud.

Video Demo: The Klon Centaur Inspired Engine.

Nick and Juan of Include the Nemesis Delay in Their Top 10 Pedals of 2016.

Big Thanks to Nick and Juan of for including the Nemesis Delay in their list of Top 10 Pedals of 2016. Nick Reinhart and Juan Alderete are the best - they're just serious, serious pedal gurus on a never-ending quest to discover unheard sounds. They certainly pulled tons of unexpected sounds from the Nemesis - you gotta love that. Nick calls us, "engineering dorks" - yeah, he's probably right.

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